We’ve been in our new location for about 6 months now and its been awesome to say the least! For us and the business we needed the change and we’re evolving on a daily basis. They always say Location, Location, Location but its never related to business. So I’ll say it now, if you in this business and you want growth and success… Location, Location, Location, good product, awesome service. :)

In Other news, we have a few new brands on board that we havent introduced you too like..

Happy socks : http://www.happysocks.com/uk/

Swede & Crowe : https://www.facebook.com/swedeCROWE

Starter Black Label : http://www.starterblacklabel.com/

And one more brand that will be gracing the shores of S.A in Feb for the first time..

Marshall artist : http://www.marshallartist.co.uk/index.php/


The team from Awesome by Association helped HENRY throw an amazing Launch party this July, celebrating the move from woodstock to Long Street and to tell everyone that we have arrived and all senses of the word. With Einstein Adonis on the decks, Justin Badenhorst behind the lense and new balnace with some amazing givaways the event was a huge success and thanks to all!!

Heres a short vid compliments of @Longstreetlife


An exciting new clothing label that keeps the basics in mind, but the ‘norm’ at arms length.. Making the word cool just not good enough, and todays trends look like last nites one nite stand.

Its Cocain to Cuba, its the middle east to a yanks V8, Its the EU to a greek,  its jamie oliver to a fat kid, Its the rest of the world to africa…. our saviour…


Trying to help Revive an 80′s pop culture in Cape Town one Grey Melange raglan sleeve tracky top at a time.

conceived and born in Woodstock, Cape Town

jake bugg

Graffiti vagrancy